What is WTP 2040 and Beyond?

WTP 2040 and Beyond is a statewide policy plan that helps ensure effective coordination among Washington’s many transportation agencies and other partners. The goal is to provide a transportation system that:

  • connects people and communities safely and efficiently
  • fosters commerce and economic opportunity for all
  • operates seamlessly across jurisdictional boundaries and between modes
  • provides a range of viable travel options to move people and freight reliably
  • supports local and regional land use objectives
  • reduces environmental and social impacts and
  • uses public resources wisely in order to generate maximum benefit.

It is a strategic policy plan for all of Washington, from highly rural communities to major metropolitan areas.

Why is the WTP being updated?

The Transportation Commission is legally required to update the WTP every four years as per RCW 47.01.071(4). More importantly, though, an update is needed to take stock of emerging issues and opportunities, and refresh strategic policy direction to best support the State’s transportation goals. WTP 2040 and Beyond will inform the decisions and investments of WSDOT, local and regional agencies, transit agencies and port districts, tribes, private sector partners, and others as they work to provide a 21st century transportation system that meets our 21st century mobility needs.

What’s new since the Commission’s 2035 WTP was adopted?

WTP 2040 and Beyond builds on the two critical uncertainties WSDOT identified in its WTP 2017-2040 Implementation Plan – transformational transportation technology, and system resilience in the face of climate change, extreme weather, and natural disasters. It also advances thinking about how to pay for transportation.

Has there been any engagement in developing the draft plan?

Yes, we’ve met over the last several months with a variety of transportation interests, as well as working with our Steering Committee and Advisory Group. Input from these discussions helped shape the content and recommendations of this draft plan. You can find a journal of those meetings here.

Can I review previously adopted versions of the WTP?

You can view the Commission’s 2035 WTP and WSDOT’s Phase 2 WTP 2017-2040 Implementation Plan here.

When are comments due?

Comments are due by September 20, 2018. You can submit your comments directly here or you can email them to Comments@WTP2040andBeyond.com . If you prefer good old fashioned postal delivery you can send your comments to the Transportation Commission at PO Box 47308, Olympia, WA 98504-7308.

Can I see the draft plan in a two-page layout view?

You can see the plan in a two-page layout view here.

I have more questions. Who can I talk with?

You can contact Paul Parker, Deputy Director for the Washington State Transportation Commission by phone at 360.705.7070 or by email at ParkerP@wstc.wa.gov.